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September 4, 2010

Lena and Baron mated July 19-24, 2010

Lena and Baron puppies due September 25th, 2010 ( C Litter )

Also imported a litter directly from Czech Republic. Arriving in October, 2010. Flying there to pick them up.

All to further the genetic diversity required to establish a solid foundation for the Cesky Fousek   in North America.

Those who dare to strive for the best in a foot hunters dream need not look any further.


Maintaining. improving when needed and respecting what others have spent a whole life time establishing is any breeders responsibility.



May 25,2010 is Meril’s and Argo’s “B” Litter Birthday

May 28, 2010

Bri and Ancient Bonnie


7  very big plump Wirehairs that were bred with the avid sportsmen in mind.

1 brown female with white front legs and her belly all white which I have named Ancient Bonnie. !st born (future breeding stock)

2 brown males, one with white front legs, one solid brown with white chest marking

2 white females,  one with patch on back, brown tail with white tip, one like mom (brown head)

2 white males with 2 & 3 patch’s each.

All were huge for new born and thats why Meril looked like a pot bellied pig. Great quality food, diet and exercise right till she dropped the pups makes Meril the envy of any woman. The day after dropping seven pups she was running around wagging her tail and looked like she could slip into a bikini and walk down the beach without showing a sign. Thats great genetics. Such a caring and loving mother she is. Meril is also finished to the highest level of field, woods, water and obedience possible. She also has her “hunting license”.

Special attention, many years of research and travel was given  to bring these Cesky’s to North America. Dogs with all the bells and whistles and coats to match. All my dogs have true wirehair coats. After all they were bred for that purpose. Argo offers that strong coat in a brown form which is rare. Argo is finished in field, woods, water and obedience. The highest level possible and been graced with his ” hunting license”.

A blue-blood litter is on the ground.

Lena and Baron breeding in July 2010.

Baron is my dog of a lifetime and Lena is the strongest  female Cesky that I have yet to see. Built like a male and truly a great bitch with big power in or out of the field and controlled through her intelligence and desire to please. Amazing coat and finished in field, woods, water and obedience. She is a finished dog and recieved her “Hunting Licence”

More amazing litters to come with the addition of 2 new females comming in fall of 2010.

These females will complete my genetic search and secure this breeds future with genetic diversity in North America that will be bred to FCI and the Czech Breeders STANDARDS. By 2011 I will have  7 bitch lines in place and 4 studs in Ancient Kennels. Also Frozen Semen from Top Stud Dogs for Artificial Insemination. Carefully planned breeding by breed wardens suggestions, knowledge and watchful eye.

A hand shake was accepted, a deal was made and my word was given to men who spent a life time producing these dogs for sportsmen like you and I.  My knowledge of these dogs is based on what I have learned from sitting at there table and opening a friendship of trust and admiration for die hard Cesky Fousek enthusiasts who see one thing only. The constant improvement of this breed through responsible breeding standards set by many experts and generations who have devoted there lives and constant growing knowledge.

There reward is under GALLERY. Take a LOOK.

Great Sound Hunting Dogs that come from much research , travelling and time with second in mind as your future family member.

Consistent litters with diversities that are chosen are made possible with breeding specific working lines (10) to one another to produce the desired qualities ,needs and demands of a certain type of dog  desired by the North American Sportsmen and the game we challenge ourselves with every season. Each line has specific desired strengths.

“Bohemian Wirehaired Pointing Griffon”


North American Cesky Fousek Puppies Arrive May 23, 2010

March 20, 2010

700 years of Genetic planning arrives in puppy form from dogs that have achieved highest level of tests in field, obedience and conformation for the selective gentleman or woman foot hunter and there family.

Producing Pups for Select Sportsmen

February 26, 2010

When I first learned of the Cesky Fousek some years ago I was in awe that no one individual had picked up the torch and proudly carried it into the field. I soon realized why?

The cost, research, time and dedication to introduce this rare and remarkable breed to North America in substantial numbers. A gene pool that would be impressive enough to rival existing breeds and make avid sportsmen take note of this remarkable dog that has NINE WORKING GENETIC LINES to control and improve litters. As far as I know the Cesky Fousek is the only working breed that has actually established 10 lines with one as a spare for a future generations.

I have said this before that my aim was never or will ever be to produce puppies that are not going to benefit the sportsmen or the breed. I will always breed within the breed standard set by the Czech Breeders. All my breeding males and females are Utility tested, some are also Memorial tested, under FCI, conformation passed, accepted into their breeding program and received their hunting licenses in the Czech Republic.

If my pups take a while to get into your hands, I apologize. But when they do they will be well worth it and you will know that they are bred to the highest genetic standard. Set by 700 years of genetic cooking by hunters for hunters and there parents made a remarkable journey through my hands after visiting and handpicked them in their homeland.

Duplicate breeding is not allowed by the breed wardens. That being said every breeding combination that takes place in Ancient Kennels will be unique and a one time creation. This will also expand and diversify the genetic pool of the North American Cesky Fousek.

If you are looking for a Wirehair that will meet all your needs in or out of the field and excels with intelligence, nose, drive, pointing ability, confidence, licking you to death, early developing and works for YOU. Search no longer (CESKY FOUSEK)

Responsible breeding under the direction of Breed Wardens.


Doggie Insurance or Mortage

February 22, 2010

February 8, 2010

Routine feeding and excercise of my dogs and a cloudy cool day. Argo is running around burning some steam off and in one split second everything changes. He slips on the ice and slides into a parked plow. With crying and hollowing in the air I run to him in sheer panic thinking he has been attacked. he comes to me tail wagging and for some comfort. Imagine my horror when I start checking him out to find a laceration 8 inches long horizontal on his left side rib cage meeting his thigh and 6 inches down, flopped over to his groin exposing muscles and veins. Nearly passing out I realized I had to compose myself immediately and get him to emergency clinic. I lift him into my front seat and drive in panic like an ambulance in emergency mode. I keep patting and assuring him it will all be fine.

Imagine my surprise when the emergency clinic tells me that the cost can stem anywhere from $3,000.00-$6,000.00. If there is internal damage the cost could easily be $12,000.00. The wound he sustained would require the best medical attention available and University of Guelph is the best in the country and just minutes away. Put him back in the truck and rush over. They packed his wound and planned surgery for the morning. Examined and x-rayed he is one lucky dog and I am one lucky owner. No internal injuries.

Later that day Argo is out of surgery and doing well. 5 days later he is home with an arsenal of medication, a cone on his head and has to be crated for the next 10 days and then have the stitches removed. He has been an amazing patient with deep gratitude in his eyes and made his care easy and pleasurable due to his sweet nature. This thoroughbred is raring to fly and release his energy on those fields and I can’t wait to see him fly.

The lesson for me in all this is quite simple. INSURANCE for your Dog. We take for granted everything good in our life’s and do not realize that one split second can cost you a mortgage. At what cost would you say those dreaded words”put him down”? Looking into the puppy eyes of your partner that has done so much training and given his all to join you in the field. That’s right. For me there was no limit once he looked at me, but realistically the shock of his accident was equalled by the quotes of his care.

Purchasing a pup from genetically sound parents is only one portion of the equation. Freak accidents do happen, especially when your dog is running through fields with danger at any turn or in my case a routine everyday thing. A reminder for me that all that we cherish and hold dear can change in the blink of an eye.

Insurance people. Really take a good look at it. We will call it preventative medicine.

My deepest and sincere gratitude to the University of Guelph for their world-class care of my buddy Argo.


9,000 KLM in 1 month. ALL WITH A SMILE

December 27, 2009

Middle of October armed with a trailer custom built to tailor to my Cesky’s  needs and my own I set out Northwest of Thunder Bay for a moose and bird hunt combo with one goal in mind. Bond with my newly imported Cesky’s and get into some grouse action. One week of early rising and late nights I started the process of teaching them the English language.

Our bond established with some birds in the cooler and a realization that dogs pick up new language much easier than we do. My confident, tail wagging new immigrants didn’t even miss a beat after a 9 hour flight, 19 hour trailer ride north  and leaving the only world they had known behind. All in a weeks time. Searching, pointing and retrieving all with one goal in mind. Pleasing me and becoming part of a team.

Baron remained the number one stud dog, Argo, Cyr, and Ariss.

Meril remained the top female, Lena, Abbey and Hessy.

Important step keeping a pecking order established with me as the dominant pack leader.

Dec 1, I set out for South and North Dakota to meet up with Jim Siebel and John Pitlo of the WPGCA who have become my friends and mentors for me in my Cesky Fousek Invasion of North America. Die hard bird hunters and knowledgeable dog men who turn the other cheek to time. On the way we make a pit stop in South Dakota to meet with Jerry Thoms from Gun Dog magazine for a photo shoot of my Cesky Fousek and interview.

North Dakota and some tough wild pheasant hunting. Cold weather with a little snow on the ground and some really good dog work on a first experince for both the dogs and myself. Early rises, great breakfast, some reminders from John that he doesn’t miss many shooting opportunities ( he doesn’t) and an experience of bird hunting that rivals the birth of my children.

Great dog work, some reminders of easy shots missed. amazing hospitality, great food and a bond with my dogs that will sit with me forever. Storm warning in effect cut our trip short but quality was at the max and invitations set for 2010.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to John Pitlo for setting up all the great memories that I bring back with me on a trip of a lifetime and Jim Siebel who kept me company on a long drive with some great dog talk and a reminder that hunting trips start from the moment the dogs kennel up and friends join you. Also to Jerry Thoms for giving me some of his valuable time and meet my Cesky Fouseks.  Last but not least to all the new friends and the great American hospitality that I encountered around every bend on this 5,000 klm trip.

Hopefully next season the corn will come down sooner and the willy roosters will continue to grace those fields and present another great season of the best damn pheasant hunting I have ever experienced.

cheers to all and Happy New Year,


Trip & Dogs of a Life Time

October 3, 2009

September 18 – 29, 2009

Been dreaming of this moment for 7 years. Armed  with knowledge of what I want and need to bring to North America I board the plane to Prague. I arrive 7 hours later to be greeted by Dr. Dostal and were off on a journey and dream to bring back the right genetics to create a gene pool that will ensure the future bloodlines of Cesky Fouseks that will grace the presence of  “MANAGERS OF WILDLIFE” and our fields.

That is the new term I have picked up on my visit. Substitution for HUNTERS. The term Czech sportsmen have always referred to themselves as (MOW). I liked it instantly. They work within a club format for the lands they manage. They survey, feed during hard times, and control the population according to limit of there area under strict rules for members. Clubs DO NOT TRESPASS on each others territories unless they are INVITED.  Honor, respect for each other and there game, and the dogs they use are all graced with Hunting License which there dogs must achieve through tests or they stay home until they are qualified to join in.

Die hard Sportsmen who are into there dogs like none that I have known. The game is lower on the list.

Friendship, honor, dogs, tradition, love of the outdoors, managers of wildlife, dogs, dogs and game.

11 days of field trials, breeders, admiring beautiful countryside and thousands of kilometers traveled. A few sausages, beers and many new friends along the way.


(stunning brown male with perfect coat and scores.This dog has achieved all levels and is the Wayne Gretzsky of sporting dogs)


(breath taking male, white and  brown, perfect coat and perfect point, bred for cooperation, coat and nose)

LENA Z PRACHOVE                                         LZ1, SZVP1, PZ1, VZ1, CACIB

( Roan female with love as her middle name and a face to match, very well muscled, perfect coat, super intelligent and cooperative, perfect line breeding)

HESSY Z KRNAPU                                        (PUP in the works)

( White and Brown female pup brought back because of her future genetics and perfect line breeding for coat, nose, drive, intelligence and cooperation)

These dogs and what I have previously imported and bred along with the frozen semen from top stud dogs stored here will secure there future in North America. There are many people in my corner that hold a vast knowledge of genetics that are involved in these dogs future. I admire there knowledge and guidance. This is a team effort of many not just one.

BARON OD KOSTILKU                                 VY BORNA, PZ1

(brown male, bred to hunt, dog of a lifetime, high intelligence, amazing nose, cooperation and control beyond belief, perfect penn-hip)

MERIL  Z  HLOZKU                                        LTM, LTM-LF1,VZ1, CACT

( pure drive, no game is left behind, great coat, killer nose, loyal , obedient, penn-hip, has achieved highest level of  testing in Czech Republic with perfect scores)

ANCIENT ARISS                                          pups in the works

ANCIENT ABBY                                           pups in the works

These dogs all have one common goal. To accompany managers of wildlife into the field and make every  trip one of a life time. They all had breeders that have strived for the last 700 years to create what you see and secure the fact that when game is harvested they will have the ability, intelligence and cooperation level to retrieve. To maximize our time in the field with positive enjoyment.

If I sound excited, I am. Three trips to the Czech Republic, hundreds of calls, research up the kazoo, knowing and understanding the complex yet simple and humble world that the Cesky Fousek comes from and talking to and getting to know the sportsmen and breeders that stay true to there coarse.

They breed to and maintain there breed standard and accomplish this using there established 9 working lines.

The Cesky’s are like the sportsmen and breeders. That’s what they have produced. Mirror images of themselves on FOUR LEGS. Honour, trust, loyalty, respect, intelligence, cooperation, teamwork and a love for wildlife and its future.

My sincere grattitude and thanks go out to Dr. Dostal and Pavel for being my guides, translators, taxi service, researchers of the genetics needed here,  introducing and sharing many new friends, making there place and family mine, hosts and most of all my FRIENDS. Without them this would not have been possible.

I am also glad to announce the birth of Pavel Jr. who seems to be a chip of the old block and future Cesky Fousek breeder and manager of wildlife. This all happened for my arrival. It cost me my shopping partner ( Veronica his mother ) but I forgive him.

Pictures to come soon as season goes into full swing.

Am I pumped about the future of the CESKY FOUSEK in North America? DAMN STRAIGHT




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